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Download Beini Minidwep-gtk For Windows

Step by step to crack wifi password by beini Minidwep-gtk1. Insert CD to you CD Rom, restart your computer and boot the CD Rom (just like when you format computer to install windows, boot the CD). You may need to change your boot order to CDROM first instead of Harddisk. It normally change change in bios setup during you start computer by press F2, F10, ESC depending your computer. ** If you don't know how to do this, kindly consult your friend/computer technician with basic computer knowledge. Or go to and search for how to "boot from CD ROM drive".2. After boot successful, you will be bring to below screen. Click the Minidwep-gtk to start the program. A windows will prompt out, just click ok. 3. When below windows prompt out, just click ok. 4. Click the Minipwep-gtk to start the program. Then click scan to scan the available wireless. 5. Select the wireless with client, and click the launch to start cracking process. Note: the router that you want to hack must be using (have data transfer), the higher data transfer, the faster the cracking process. If you notice that IVS value is not running, or running very very slow after few minutes, it means that there is no data transfer on the router. You may look for other time (when the router is using) to test again.6. Below showing the IVS is running and increas