Hosek Performance Engineering uses personalized science based training to help you excel in all aspects of endurance running.  Athletes in our program typically run 3-5 days a week depending on their schedules and what they are looking to accomplish. Our training focuses on quality with every mile or rep prescribed having a specific purpose to help you reach your goals.  Advancing your endurance and speed capacity is a long process and we aim to improve your future performance as well as your present.


Along with running, a major key to success is recovery.  Allowing your body to heal from the stresses you place on it is a huge part of training.  In today's 'push without limits or consequences' craze it is important to remember to treat your body right.  Proper stretching, mobility, and diet are all major focuses within our program.


As much as training is focused on, maintaining a healthy life balance is also promoted.  Having fun while training is an important part of the process and it can get monotonous without it.  Fitting training into daily life can be tough and enjoying the grind even more so.  We work with each client individually to help them get the most out of their training: Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally.  



Born in the Montana Rockies, athletics and the outdoors have always been my passion.  During my youth I participated in numerous team sports and won several state championships.  In 2011 I started training for my first mud run during engineering school and I was hooked.  Since then I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best individuals in the endurance sports world.  Learning from the head nutritionist at Hammer Nutrition as well as Nike's lead sports physiologists, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge that I want to share with the endurance sports community.


"Prior to working with Ian I would run 6-7 days a week, without realizing that I was doing more harm than good. Ian has cut my running days to just 4-5 days a week, while drastically improving my running performance. He cuts out all the "junk miles" and focuses on quality workouts and recovery that have kept me injury free."

-Cole Schwartz
Professional Endurance Athlete

"Having a coach that is not with you is hard but with every question and every workout Ian is right there. His knowledge and training plans have led me to reduce my time in my time trials and have given me a podium finish."

-Ryan Polin
Elite OCR Athlete

"It is hard to see when you get caught up in the "beast mode" phenomenon that is so infectious right now. Training SMARTER not harder is crucial when racing competitively. Ian's program helps you maximize your performance with out over training. He's a brilliant mentor and gives his athletes the confidence to toe the line of even the toughest of courses."

-Shannon Woodard
Former Collegiate Athlete

Train Smart

Train Hard


Race Smart

Race Hard